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Leslie, Beverly NCCC Director
Ackerman, Kim NCCC Bookkeeper

Amick, Johnny NCCC/ Automotive Body Repair Technology Instructor
Appleby, Deirdre NCCC - Project Lead The Way
Cruickshanks, MIchael NCCC - Carpentry
Floyd, Christi NCCC / Business Education and Technology Instructor
Havird, Holly NCCC/ Agricultural Teacher
Holliday, Jennifer NCCC - Guidance
Jaeger, Mike NCCC/Welding Instructor
Kaur, Dinkel NCCC - Biomedical Science
McGlohorn, Gary NCCC/Law and Public Safety Instructor
Mills, Joshua NCCC/Automotive Technology Instructor
Murphy, Terry NCCC/CADD Instructor
Parkman, Jerry NCCC/Machine Tool Technology Instructor
Satcher, Nancy NCCC/Health Science Technology Instructor
Smith, Jolene NCCC/Business Ed
Sral, Donald NCCC Mechatronics Integrated Technologies
Stone, Lisa NCCC
Williamson, Nicole NCCC - Health Science Instructor
Young, Ryan NCCC - Business
Young, Samantha NCCC - Cosmetology Instructor

Brooks, Brandy NCCC
Easterlin, Julia Work-Based Learning
Matthews, Mallory NCCC/Work-Based/Parenting Secretary
Montgomery, Carrie NCCC/Special Populations Coordinator